Neoliberals feel ecstatic that Justin Trudeau welcomed migrants in response to Trump’s ban on Muslims. But they act like they have never heard five days earlier the same Justin Trudeau to applaud Trump’s decision which revived Keystone XL project to carry crude oil from the oil sands of Alberta to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. (The controversial cross-border oil pipeline was blocked by the Obama administration for environmental reasons under fierce resistance from indigenous Americans and other protesters). 

This is exactly the reason why the politically correct, centrist, neoliberal establishment failed and will keep failing. Right-wing post-truth always beat left-wing double standards.

Things will get worst after migrants realize there is no real conflict of interest when a major victory for the Canadian oil industry coincides with the increase in the sources of cheap labor force, which most probably will maintain and fuel rapid growth rates in the forthcoming quarters for North American economies. Further left, Liberals still believe this kind of criticism means support for Trump. They will soon find themselves with no narrative left (pun intended).


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