Driving from Kypseli to Kolonaki, around 12 am on April 7, 2020. It’s been almost a month since the first set of precautionary measures put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The central neighborhoods of Athens –– usually loud and honking –– just stand eerily quiet and thickly alone.

It was a rather grey autumn day that followed an unusually cold weekend.

In other news, thousands of swallows and other migratory birds have died in Greece trying to cross from Africa to Europe this spring.

“The night of April 5-6 was disastrous for migrating birds due to strong winds, low temperatures and rain in some regions,” the experts said. “Southerly winds pushed flocks of birds from north Africa into air currents from the north of the Aegean Sea and particularly the islands. To escape, exhausted birds, mainly swallows and swifts, which catch flying insects for food, headed for the Greek mainland.” This was a dental emergency visit. But it felt like migrating to escape. ■


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